Elevate Multi Academy Trust

Executive Pay Statement


Publication of Executive Pay

The Trust must publish on its website in a separate readily accessible form the number of employees whose benefits exceeded £100k, in £10k bandings, as an extract from the disclosure in its financial statements for the previous year ending 31 August.

Benefits for this purpose include salary, other taxable benefits and termination payments, but not the Trust’s own pension costs. In the case of employees who are Trustees, their salary and other benefits will also be disclosed in £5k bandings in the Trust’s financial statements, as set out in the model trustees’ remuneration note in the Academies Accounts Direction.

Elevate Data for 2021-2022 - Employees whose benefits exceed £100,000 data




 £120,001 - £130,000


Elevate Data for 2022-2023 - Employees whose benefits exceed £100,000 data




 £130,001 - £140,000