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School to School Support

If you are interested in deploying a North Star National Leader of Education, Local Leader of Education or a Specialist Leader of Education please contact Narinder Gill n.gill@elevatemat.org  and discuss your needs.

North Star will approach colleagues and respond to your request within a week, with some suggestions of dates for the deployment.

Following each visit the System Leader will complete School to School Support 2021 document 

North Star will invoice you for the deployment, and the System Leaders school will invoice North Star using the school invoice and detailing the support. The current rates are:

  • NLE Deployment –  £550 per day (£275 per half day)
  • LLE Deployment – £450 per day (£225 per half day)
  • SLE Deployment – £350 per day (£175 per half day)
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Subject Leader Development/Networks

One afternoon per term each for English, Maths and EYFS leads via an online  platform to share practice, hear input from SLEs and network with colleagues via directed discussions and gap tasks

Coaching Support

At North Star we are developing a coaching culture. This is a bought in  bespoke service with support from our certified coach Narinder Gill.

Please contact Narinder Gill n.gill@elevatemat.org  and discuss your needs.


School support is delivered by SLEs (Specialist Leaders of Education).

Hannah Layfield

EYFS, KS1, Early Reading/Phonics, English KS1

Carole Kestell


Ben Clayton

Maths, Assessment, Leadership, KS2

Rachael Padgett


Camarah Mosey


Rachael Globe

Curriculum, KS1, Leadership

Becky Humphreys

English, KS2

Evangeline Morris

KS1, Curriculum

Stephen Butterworth

English, Leadership

Hannah Spencer


Carol Merifield


Louise Rayner

English - Reading, KS2

…Learning the way

Nurturing the teachers of the future


…Lighting the way

Embedding a culture of continual development



…Leading the way

Working together to raise standards