Elevate Multi Academy Trust

Committee Membership

Committees for 2022-2023:

Elevate Audit, Risk & Resources Committee

Including Pay Review Committee :

 John Brear, Iain Spittall, Alison Wilson 

Chair: Alison Wilson

In attendance: CEO, CFO and Finance Manager

Governance Professional: Dianne Mousley

Elevate Standards Committee:

Keri Standen, 

Alison Smith and CEO

Chair: Keri Standen

In attendance: School Improvement Team Member    

Governance Professional: Dianne Mousley

Head Teacher Partnership Board:

Head teachers, CEO, DCEO and School Improvement Team Members

In attendance: 

Chairs of Governors Board:

Chairs of LGBs, CEO and a Trustee.

Chair: Paul Turner (Carlton Miniott primary Academy)

In attendance: Governance Professional: Dianne Mousley

Head Teacher’s Performance Review:

School Improvement Lead and Chair of LGB.

CEO Performance Management Review and Pay Committee:

Chair of Trustees, Chair Audit Risk & Resources and Chair of Standards.